MV Patriot takes a hit by Hurricane Harvey

In August/September 2017, Hurricane Harvey hit the Gulf Coast at Rockport, Texas.  Sadly, the gulf coast took an extensive hit, many homes and property lost, a number of people killed and many injured.  Years will tell the story as the rebuild process begins and continues.


The marina where MV Patriot lies took a direct hit.  Two large dry stack buildings were completely destroyed.  Area business were damaged, some leveled.  Many boat owners completely lost their vessels. Some boat owners experienced lesser destruction, but it will take time to get their boats back  into pre-hurricane shape.

M/V Patriot took a fairly hard hit.  Damage was at top deck and starboard hull.  She lost the pipe welders custom fiberglass top, the radar antenna, all vinyl and fly bridge plastic and a sliding aft deck hatch cover and more.  However, she remained completely afloat – not even the slightest list.  Loss of area electrical power eventually drained house and started batteries.  After replacement of the batteries, she started as if nothing happened.

In January 2018, MV Patriot will move to a ship yard in Seabrook, TX where she will undergo some repair/restoration and paint work.  Hopefully, we will have her back in Rockport by April/May.  In the meantime, we work on getting the smaller items repaired/replaced.

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